File a Police Report for Public Use

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    If this is an emergency dial 775-348-0285 during school business hours or dial 911

    A police report is taken when there is evidence or suspicion of a crime or an incident that warrants documentation.
    When a police officer is summoned to your school, residence, business, or location, a determination will be made at that time if a report is to be filed. If a report is taken, you will be given a case number. This number will be your referral number if you need to request a copy of the report for insurance purposes or if you need to check the progress of the investigation on your case.
    You may also come into the Front Desk of the Washoe School District Police Department to file your report. The Front Desk hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm, closed on weekends. If you have an urgent issue and it is after the normal Front Desk hours, call the law enforcement office within your jurisdiction, or 911.  You may also file an on-line report by clicking the link above.  An officer will contact you the next business day after completing the online report. This is for weekends and after hours reporting.  You may also complete a witness statement to give to the officer by clicking on the witness statment link below.