• Victim Service Unit




    The primary role of the victim advocate is to assist the School Police in providing and coordinating services for students and employees who are victimized on campus and after school. The value of the advocate to the School Police as a whole is in providing consultation and education regarding victimization and offering support and resources to the victims, thereby assisting students and families in achieving safety and well-being. The advocate will work with victims and directly with families both at school and anywhere else they may need support such as the hospital or court. The primary role of the advocate includes, but is not limited to:

    • School visits to provide support
    • Safety Planning
    • Assistance in filling out and filing Temporary Protection Order (TPO) forms
    • Updates on court proceedings and findings
    • Accompany victims to law enforcement interviews & court proceedings
    • Help to file Victim of Crime Compensation (VOC) applications and updates  http://voc.nv.gov/
    • Provide crisis intervention
    • Offer information & referrals for medical treatment, counseling & other services
    • Hospital response to make immediate contact with victim & family
    • Assistance with immediate needs such as clothing, transportation, shelter & emergency security measures
    • Provide information on the criminal justice process
    • Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse Support
    • Information about other Reno/Sparks police agency reports

    The Victim Advocate is available to students and staff who are victims of crime on and off-campus and can respond to talk with victims and families. The advocate is available for consultation and referrals through email, phone or in person. The advocate may respond on the scene with a School Police Officer or after an initial investigation. If necessary, the advocate will work with the counselors to provide direct service to students by offering support, referrals and on-going assistance and guidance through the various stages associated with the crime.




    • Temporary Protection Order (TPO) Office

      For Domestic Violence Orders (cases involving domestic or intimate relationships e.g. sons, daughters, husbands, wives, girlfriends or boyfriend in Reno/Sparks)

    (775) 328-3468

    Located in Second Judicial District Court - Family Division One South Sierra, 3rd Floor Reno, NV 89501

    Advocates are available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.

    Afterhours Emergency TPO may be applied only if the perpetrator is arrested and still in custody for an act of domestic violence (domestic battery or related charges).

    Call 775-352-5000 to leave a message for an advocate.


             For Stalking and Harassment Orders - RENO

    (775) 325-6501

    A consistent pattern of stalking and/or harassment over a period of time must be alleged for the Order to be granted. Reno Justice Court's jurisdiction includes Reno Township. The stalking and harassing must have taken place within Reno Township for you to apply for the Order in Reno Justice Court.

    First Floor, One South Sierra, 3rd Floor Reno, NV 89501


             For Stalking and Harassment Orders - SPARKS

    (775) 353-7600

    1675 E. Prater Way, Sparks NV 89431




    Crimes involving motor vehicles are covered for victims of DUI related, pedestrian hit and run or where the vehicle is used as a weapon. You may be awarded compensation including medical or psychological counseling, reimbursement of lost wages, funeral and burial expenses or replacement of lost or damaged property.



    (775) 325-7875

    The Victim Services Coordinator assists individuals that have been victimized by juvenile offenders by making them aware of the rights and options available to them.  The Victim Services Coordinator sends each victim an information packet that includes the options available for seeking monetary restitution, an explanation of the court process, forms for documenting loss, and a victim impact statement form.  In addition, the Coordinator accompanies victims to Court upon request, assists victims with property return and obtains information for victims about the disposition of the juvenile offender's court case.


    775-784-8090 or 1-800-992-5757

    24/7/365 availability for help, support, information, and referral assistance to community resources.


    • Sexual Assault Support Services (S.A.S.S.)


    Highly-trained volunteer advocates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


    (775) 785-8600

    CPS has sufficient, highly-trained staff to respond immediately to every report of suspected abuse or neglect, and who has access to the resources needed to ensure the protection of children who are at risk.


    (775) 684-4400

    The Nevada Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS), together in genuine partnership with families, communities and other governmental agencies, provides support and services to assist Nevada's children and families in reaching their full human potential.


    (775) 328-3210

    Washoe County District Attorney’s Office

    1 South Sierra Street, South Tower, 4th Floor,

    Reno, NV 89501

    The District Attorney’s Office or City Attorney’s Office provides trained victims’ advocates that are available for questions. The advocates are the victim’s main contract once the case has been transferred to the District Attorney’s Office or City Attorney’s Office from a law enforcement agency. The advocate will be present at all court settings to provide support and information for victims and their families.


    • The Children's Cabinet


    Services include family and youth programs, childcare resources and referral services, project safe place, family counseling.

    1090 S. Rock Blvd., Reno, NV 89509



    • Nevada 2-1-1

    Dial 211

    From basic needs to any health and human service program, one call to 2-1-1 offers access to local resources and will assist in locating programs to meet a victim’s needs.



    School Police Dispatch Non-Emergency: 775-348-0285