Victim Services Unit

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    The victim advocate's primary role is to help the School Police provide and coordinate services for students and employees who are victimized on campus and after school. The victim advocate is available to provide consultation and education regarding victimization and offer support and resources to the victims, thereby assisting students and families in achieving safety and well-being. The advocate will work with victims and families at school and anywhere else they may need support, like the hospital or court.

    See below for advocate contact information (on the left side) and utilize the drop-down menu (on the right side) to explore the School Police victim advocacy services that are available to you as well as other general resources in the community.

Referral Form

  • If you are a student or parent or know a student or parent that needs support, please fill out the referral form here: General Referral/Intake Form

  • Contact Information:

    School Police Victim Advocate 
    Kellan McLaughlin 
    425 E. 9th St. Reno, NV. 
    Cell: 775-502-8181 
    Office: 775-333-3799

    School Police Non-Emergency Dispatch: 775-348-0285

    In the event of an emergency, please call 911.


Resource Information

  • Support from the School Police Victim Advocate

  • Victims' Rights

  • Crisis Lines

  • Emergency Shelters

  • Local Community Resources

  • Mental Health Resources

  • Temporary Protection Orders

  • Victims of Crime Program (State of Nevada)

  • Public Records Requests

  • Advocates During Prosecution

  • Other Victim Services Agencies in Reno/Sparks