Fast Facts

  • Assessment

    • Universal assessment in both 2nd and 5th grade.
    • Referral for GT assessment in any grade after 1st grade. All referrals go through the school site counselor and the MTSS committee.
    • 98 percentile on a cognitive abilities test will be identified as gifted.
    • Students qualifying for services in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades will automatically be reviewed for the purpose of determining eligibility for the School Within A School (SWAS) program (which has additional criteria).
    • Students scoring at or above the 99th percentile on an individually administered assessment by a licensed clinical psychologist will be reviewed for the purpose of determining eligibility for a highly gifted and talented designation. 
    • Identified gifted students in other districts must submit cognitive testing results to be reviewed by the Administrative Review Committee prior to admittance into the program.
    • Students found eligible for GATE will begin receiving services (pending parent authorization) in a pull-out or collaborative model at the  beginning of second semester for students in grades 3-5. For 2nd grade students that qualify they will begin receiving services at the beginning of 3rd grade. 

    School Within a School (SWAS) Model

    • Three SWAS school sites; Caughlin Ranch, Drake, and Hunsberger Elementary schools. These classrooms serve the entire school district for any student that qualifies and is accepted for this program.
    • The SWAS program is designed for highly and profoundly gifted students who have scored at or above the 99 percentile on an individually administered cognitive assessment.
    • Classrooms are taught by a trained teacher in gifted practices.
    • Bus transportation is provided by the District from the student’s zoned school to the assigned SWAS site both before and after school.
    • Waitlisted students will have priority for placement the following school year before a newly identified student.

    For a detailed question and answer list please click here: SWAS fast facts

    Itinerant Pull Out Model 

    • Identified gifted students in 3rd through 5th grade.
    • Minimum of 150 minutes per week of differentiated instruction.
    • A GATE endorsed teacher pulls identified GATE students from their general education classrooms.
    • Students work with like-minded peers using a Project Based Learning approach.
    • Social-emotional lessons are incorporated throughout lessons to help build self-regulated learners.

    Itinerant Collaborative Model

    • Identified gifted students in 3rd through 8th grade.
    • Students remain in their general education classroom.
    • GATE Specialists work with teachers to plan units and lessons that meet the individualized needs of the gifted student.
    • GATE specialists work directly with students to set goals for academic progress and success.
    • Specialists will work with the general education teachers to assure that all gifted students receive an appropriately challenging curriculum, preparing them for honors coursework and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school.

    Gifted Education Model of Support (GEMS) Model

    • GEMS school sites; Billinghurst MS, Depoali MS, Herz MS, Drake ES and Incline ES.
    • Identified gifted students are grade level clustered in 3rd through 8th grades with a GT endorsed site-based teacher.
    • Rigorous curriculum in core content areas at their zoned schools.
    • Curriculum pace is appropriate for gifted students and requires greater levels of complex order of thinking.
    • Administration of the model is under the direction of each school site administrator with support from the GATE office.

    Magnet & Magnet-AAP Middle School Model 

    • Four Magnet school sites; Clayton (Magnet-AAP), Herz, Sky Ranch and Swope.
    • All identified gifted students may apply with an application into the magnet program.
    • At Clayton, the Magnet-AAP program is also open to Accelerated Advanced Placement (AAP) students. Students that are not identified as gifted but have shown their high achievement in schooling are invited to apply.
    • Each gifted student is placed into a matrix consisting of the following criteria; cognitive score, reading (ELA) achievement, and math achievement scores.
    • If accepted, commitment forms must be returned to the GATE office by the due date or space will be forfeited.
    • Transportation is only provided if the Magnet site is your zoned school.
    • Accelerated and rigorous curriculum in all core subject areas.

    For a detailed question and answer list please click here: Magnet fast facts

    GATE Institute Model

    • Self-contained courses specifically designed for gifted and talented students, including the integrated math pathway.
    • Flexible scheduling based on student interest and readiness.
    • Full comprehensive high school experience.
    • Teachers trained and endorsed in gifted and talented education.
    • Integrated social emotional learning, specific to GT students.
    • Dual-Enrollment in Hug High School's Health Science Academy, which has the only partnership with UNR's School of Medicine.
    • Diverse music program, offering Advanced Jazz, Symphony Orchestra and AP Music Theory.