GATE Eligibility Appeal Process

  •                                                           Effective 1-5-2017

    Parents/guardians may appeal eligibility decisions made by the Dept. of GATE Programs as outlined below: 

    Within 30 calendar days of the notification date of Eligibility or the ConnectEd notification, parent/guardian must contact the WCSD GATE Department in writing, using the WCSD GATE Eligibility Appeal Form. This is a strict deadline.

    All appeal forms should be submitted to the WCSD Department of Gifted and Talented Education Programs through one of the following methods:

    Appeals must be based upon one of the following conditions:

    • Specific concerns related to the testing conditions, such as reported technical issues, noisy environment, fire drills, or other interruptions.
    • Specific concerns related to the student, such as student illness, student testing anxiety, discrepancy between GT test scores and other measures.

    Properly submitted appeals will be reviewed by the GATE Department Administrative Review Team, made up of an administrator, psychologist, and counselor, and/or others. A blind process review will occur within a reasonable period of time and will include investigation of reported circumstances or review of new test scores. Final eligibility status will be determined upon review. Parents intending to submit the results of outside psychological testing are not bound by the 30 calendar day timeline. Such results may be submitted at any time.

    After the appeal has been reviewed, an appeal notification letter will be mailed to the parent/guardian indicating the results of the review team’s decision and the student’s resulting GATE eligibility status.

    If the WCSD GATE Department determines that there is no basis for overturning its earlier decision through the Appeals process, the parent/guardian may request a WCSD GATE Eligibility Appeal Form, in writing, to the WCSD Office of Academics within 20 calendar days of the mailing date of the appeal notification letter. This is a strict deadline. A written notification, addressed to Attn: Chief Academic Officer, can be sent by mail or dropped at 425 E. Ninth Street, Reno, NV 89512.

    • Upon receiving the written request for GATE Eligibility Appeal Review, the WCSD Office of Academics will verify that the request was received by the deadline and request a copy of the appeal packet from the WCSD GATE Department. This packet will include copies of the written appeal request, documentation submitted by the applicant, and a rationale for denying the appeal.
    • If the WCSD Office of Academics determines that the GATE Eligibility Appeal Review request was submitted by the designated deadline, the appeal packet and all relevant information provided by the applicant will be reviewed by a committee that includes a District Area Superintendent, Office of Academics Department Directors, and the Chief Academic Officer.

    Based on the results of the committee review, the Chief Academic Officer will render a final decision within a reasonable period of time. The Chief Academic Officer is the second and final appeal.

    An Appeal Review Notification will be sent to the parent/guardian indicating the final decision.