Elementary Model of Service


    The GATE GEMS model provides identified GATE students the opportunity to engage with rigorous curriculum in core content areas at their zoned school with a GATE endorsed site-based teacher. The curriculum is modified to be appropriate for gifted students and requires greater levels of complex order of thinking in collaboration with the Department of Gifted and Talented Education Programs.


    The Collaborative model provides the opportunity for elementary GATE students in 2nd through 5th grades to work with a GATE teacher in the general education classroom. GATE teachers collaborate with classroom instructors to design lessons that align with the classroom curriculum while being appropriately accelerated for rigor and relevance for gifted students.

    • Students remain in their general education classroom.
    • GATE specialists work with teachers to plan units and lessons that meet the individualized needs of the gifted student.
    • GATE specialists work directly with students to set goals for academic progress and success.


    The Pull-Out model is designed for GATE students in 2nd through 5th grades. Following state guidelines, students receive the required two and a half hours each week (or 600 minutes per month) of differentiated instruction. A GATE endorsed teacher pulls identified GATE students from their classrooms in order to work with like-minded gifted peers. Enriched curriculum in this model emphasizes the Project Based Learning (PBL) model, an approach in which students work in collaborative groups to develop, execute, and present real-world projects to authentic audiences.

    • At the conclusion of the PBL, the students present what they have learned to an authentic audience that can include parents, other students in the school, community members, and online to a larger audience.
    • Social-emotional lessons are incorporated throughout the year to help build self-regulated learners.



    The SWAS model is designed to meet the needs of students in grades 3-5 who have been identified as gifted and have demonstrated they are high-achieving. Qualified students are invited to apply for admission.

    • Students are in self-contained multi-grade or single-grade classrooms which use current best practices in gifted education.
    • Curriculum is enriched, rigorous and accelerated in these classrooms providing the opportunity for all students to learn.
    • Through daily interactions with their like-minded peers, students use 21st century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.
    • The teachers of the SWAS Program have their gifted endorsement from the State of Nevada and are trained in gifted practices.
    • Three SWAS school sites: Caughlin Ranch Elementary School, Florence Drake Elementary School, and Ted Hunsberger Elementary School. These classrooms serve the entire school district for any student that qualifies and is accepted for this program.
    • Bus transportation is provided by the district from the student's zoned school to the assigned SWAS site both before and after school.
    • For more information, view our FAQ page.

    SWAS applications for new students are due every year in the fall. Those received after the deadline will be added to a waitlist and students will be added on a space available basis. For more information, see out Program Applications page.