Program Applications

  • 2022-2023 School Year

    GATE eligibility is required prior to submitting an application.

    Magnet Program

    Standard placement in the Magnet Program is offered to GATE students entering 6th or 7th grade. Current Magnet students will be asked to submit a Recommit Form rather than submit a new application. Current Magnet students who recommit to the program will receive priority registration over new incoming students.  For more information view our Magnet FAQ Page 

    Application for GATE Magnet Program

    • New Magnet Student: (Deadline December 5th, 2021)
    • Current Magnet Students: (Deadline November 15, 2021) **Not an application

    SWAS Program

    • We are continuing the process of determining who is eligible for the SWAS program and will be sending out commitment letters shortly before the winter break.

    The SWAS Program is designed for highly and profoundly gifted students who have scored at or above the 99 percentile on an individually administered cognitive assessment. Three SWAS school sites; Caughlin Ranch, Roy Gomm, and Ted Hunsberger Elementary schools. These classrooms serve the entire school district for any student that qualifies and is accepted for this program. For more information view our SWAS FAQ Page.


    GATE Institute

    The GATE Institute is the partnership between the GATE Program and Procter Hug High. With GATE endorsed teachers, identified GATE students in 9th through 12th grades can expect to take classes based on interests, strengths, and readiness Application for GATE Institute

    • (Deadline January 1, 2022)


    *If you do not receive a confirmation email within one week that your application was submitted, please contact the GATE office at 775-789-3420 or