• Families of students eligible for gifted services in other districts applying for eligibility in the WCSD may be found eligible for services through reciprocity. Applications of such students will be reviewed by the GATE Administrative Review Team. Through reciprocity, cognitive and achievement tests that are accepted will be used for eligibility determination. Students must meet the criteria for gifted eligibility, to be found eligible for GATE services in WCSD.

    Comprehensive Cognitive Assessments Considered for Reciprocity

    • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V)
    • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence-Third Edition (WPPSI-III)
    • Woodcock-Johnson III, Tests of Cognitive Abilities (WJ-III Cog).
    • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Third Edition (WAIS-III), for 16 year olds and above.
    • Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, 2nd Edition (KABC-II)
    • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition (SB-5)
    • Differential Ability Scales-II (DAS-II)
    • Leiter International Performance Test-3rd Edition (Leiter-3)
    • Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test, Second Edition (UNIT-2)
    • Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence-2nd Edition (CTONI-2)
    • Test Of Nonverbal Intelligence-Fourth Edition (TONI-4)
    • Cognitive Assessment System-Second Edition (CAS-2)
    • Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS)