SWAS FAQ’s 2023-2024

  • What is the SWAS model?

    The SWAS model is one of several models for the delivery of services to gifted students who attend WCSD. Please refer to www.washoeschools.net/Page/5317#SWAS for an overview of the SWAS model.

    How does my student become eligible for SWAS?

    Students in grades 3-5 who have been identified as gifted and have demonstrated they are high-achieving are invited to enroll in the SWAS model. Information about identification can be found at the Department of Gifted and Talented Education Programs website at www.washoeschools.net/wcsdgate.

    When is enrollment for returning SWAS students?

    SWAS enrollment for the 2023-24 school year begins in December. Returning students are considered first for placement in a SWAS classroom. We are requesting that returning students complete an online "Commitment Letter" for the SY 2023-24.

    When is enrollment for students who are new to the SWAS model?

    SWAS enrollment for the 2023-24 school year begins on November 1, 2022. Students meeting the criteria for "highly or profoundly gifted" at the appropriate grade level may apply to attend a SWAS model in the following school year. Details about the assessment can be found at www.washoeschools.net/page/989.

    Qualifying highly or profoundly gifted Washoe County District students at the appropriate grade level not currently enrolled may apply for enrollment. We will do our best to place all the students. However, SWAS classrooms have limited availability. Placement will be considered on a date received basis. Once classrooms are at capacity, any additional students will be placed on a waitlist.

    Where are the SWAS locations?

    There are three SWAS school sites; Caughlin Ranch ES, Florence Drake ES, and Ted Hunsberger ES. These classrooms serve the entire District for any student that qualifies and is accepted into this program. The District will provide bus transportation from the student's zoned school to the assigned SWAS site both before and after school.

    What is the District's commitment to transportation for SWAS students?

    The District is committed to providing transportation for SWAS students from their residential zoned school to the SWAS school that is zoned for their area. Pick-up and drop-off times by district buses are determined by evaluating the logistics of busing all WCSD students requiring transportation. The District will evaluate SWAS locations to minimize travel times for SWAS students. However, there is no guarantee of timelines for bus travel by SWAS students.

    What bus does my student take to the SWAS school and what is the busing schedule?

    WCSD offers transportation for SWAS students from their zoned school. Busing schedules can be found at www.washoeschools.net/swaspickup. Schedules for the 2023-24 school year will be posted just before the beginning of the school year.

    What is my student's schedule at the SWAS school?

    Each SWAS school site has a unique culture. SWAS students spend their entire school day at their SWAS school, and they become a part of the school site culture. Bell times including recess and lunch are integrated with the school site. For detailed information about these matters, contact your SWAS school site when locations are announced.

    When do new students to SWAS commit to attending SWAS for the 2023-24 school year?

    Once returning SWAS students are placed, in the spring of 2023 new students will be asked to complete a "SWAS Commitment Form".

    My student is a new student to SWAS and I have completed the commitment form. How do I register on Infinite Campus?

    If your student is new to the SWAS model, enroll your student on Infinite Campus at your student's zoned school. If you have any questions about enrolling, contact your zoned school. Placement in your student's SWAS school is handled internally by the applicable SWAS school's secretary.

    How will I know that my enrollment and/or commitment form was received by the Department?

    Acknowledgment of receipt of your completed commitment form will be at the end of filling out the SWAS form online. You will not receive an email from our office.