Critical Needs Hiring

  • What is Critical Needs Hiring?  

    When an assignment is designated a "critical need" by the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees, most retirees who are collecting a PERS benefit are eligible to be re-hired and collect a paycheck and benefits without jeopardizing their PERS pension benefits.


    Which assignments are designated as Critical Needs for the current school year?

    Certified - Special Education Teacher, School Counselor, English Language (formerly ESL or ELL), Secondary Math, Secondary Science, Early Childhood, Music, Interim Licensed Administrator, CTE Teacher, Guest Teaching (Substitute Teaching), English Language Arts, and Elementary Education.

    Classified/ESP - Bus Drivers, Pupil Transportation Assistant, Special Education Aides and Assistants


    If I took ESIP (Early Separation Incentive Plan) when I retired, am I eligible to be rehired on Critical Needs?

    Retirees who take an ESIP incentive payment must wait one year from the retirement date in order to become eligible for rehire.  


    What do I need to do in order to get hired on Critical Needs?


    Process for the Request to Hire Outside of the Pool (RHOP) for Critical Needs Hires for Standard and ESIP Certified Retirees

      • Make sure you are currently licensed for the assignment(s) you are interested in teaching
      • Complete or update your certified employment application online
      • Contact Wanda Washington when your application is complete, or if you have any questions
      • Once your application is complete, we will review your application, you will complete a brief district-level interview and then you will be eligible for rehire
      • You are responsible for contacting your Nevada PERS Representative to verify that you are eligible to return to work in a critical needs PERS benefited position without penalty. 
      • If you participated in ESIP, you would need to review you ESIP contract to ensure you are eligible to return in a critical-needs capacity and if any other restrictions apply.
      • You will be notified and invited to apply to position(s) for which you are certified and have been identified as “hard-to-fill.”  Principals will interview you, and if you are offered and accept a position, you will receive an email from Human Resources with time-sensitive actions steps you must complete with Nevada PERS and the WCSD HR Department.
      • You will then be contacted by a HR Technician to schedule your onboarding and orientation.



    1. Complete or update your classified/ESP employment application online

    2. Apply to the assignment(s) you are interested in.  You do not need to have experience or training in these areas; we will train you.

    3. Hiring managers will contact you for an interview and if you are hired, you will come to Human Resources for fingerprinting and orientation, then you can start training and working.


    What will I be paid if I come back on Critical Needs?

    Certified - Your salary will be determined based on the current salary schedule, incorporating your years of service.  Most retirees returning on critical needs make slightly more than what they were earning when they retired. 

    Classified/ESP - If you previously worked in WCSD in the position you are being re-hired for, you will continue at the hourly rate you were earning when you retired.  If not, you will start at the first step of pay for that position.  


    Will I be eligible for health care benefits if I am hired on Critical Needs?

    Yes, if the position you are hired into is a benefitted position, you will be eligible to receive those benefits after the 90-day waiting period. 


    Questions about PERS?

    Call 775-687-4200 to speak with a PERS Counselor in Carson City.


    Questions about Critical Needs?

    Contact Wanda Washington, Recruiting Projects Coordinator, at 775-348-0348


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