Tier Two: Targeted Intervention (Some)

Tier Two provides targeted small group-based intervention system, which is supplemental to the Tier One universal design. The focus of these practices is to provide supports students who may be “at-risk” for escalated behaviors by providing adequate and possible function-based supports before behaviors intensify. Around 10-15% of the student population may require supports at this supplemental level. 



  • Intervention team with lead facilitator
  • Behavioral expertise
  • Fidelity of implementation for both Tier One and each Tier Two intervention group.
  • Screening process to identify students who may need Tier Two support
  • Access to intervention training and technical assistance


  • Additional instruction and practice with behavioral skill (in addition to Tier One, not in replace of)
  • Higher dosage of positive reinforcement
  • Increase pre-correction prompts provided by adult(s)
  • Focus on potential function of problem behavior(s)
  • May include increase access to academic support(s)
  • Social significance—Cultural and contextually sound