Tier One: Universal Prevention (All)

Tier One SWPBIS model is a universal system focusing on prevention practices and strategies. These approaches use high leverage practices across a school campus and within the classroom. Practices include explicit teaching of schoolwide behavioral expectations, a behavioral matrix, and acknowledging and reinforcing prosocial school desired behavior. 80% of the student population should be able to meet/exceed the desired behavioral expectations.


  • Site leadership team
  • Consistent meetings which include family-school partnership and student voice
  • Universal screening and use of data to drive decisions
  • Continuous professional development driven by data and stie needs
  • Evaluation of implementation tools


  • Schoolwide behavioral expectation which are explicitly taught and retaught as needed
  • Classroom behavioral expectation, aligned to schoolwide expectations, and are explicitly taught for procedures/routines
  • Continuum of procedures to encourage behavioral expectations and to discourage inappropriate behavior.
  • Social significance—Cultural and contextually sound