Area 4 - Lauren Ford



     Area 4 

    McQueen HS/ Sparks HS/ AACT
    Lead Area Superintendent: Lauren Ford
    Assistant: Tamala Green
    Phone: 775-789-4658

    I have been in the WCSD for 12 years I began as an Assistant Principal at Traner Middle School in 2005, I then became Principal of Traner Middle School in 2006 serving there for the next five years (2006-2011).  I also served as Principal of Hug High School for 6 years- 2011-2017.

    I began my career as a Kindergarten teacher in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  I worked in a K-8 school as a kindergarten teacher, Vice Principal, and Principal.  I bring a unique perspective to the role of Area Superintendent having served as a Principal in K-12 schools. 

    Working in the Hug Vertical has given me the opportunity to work with amazing educators dedicated to the community they serve.  I look forward to continuing to work with the McQueen High School and Sparks High School communities.