Objectives And Goals

    ​1. Use the Design Cycle to Brainstorm, Design, Edit, and Refine an architectural Design to Improve the City of Reno.


    2. Construct a sculpture "space" to base your 3D Sketch-Up design on. 

    3. Design your space using the 3D Architecture program, SketchUp.


    4. Calculate the “livable space” of your 3D Model in square footage.

    5. Communicate your findings in a useful, interesting, and concise way.


    INTRODUCTION: The final product you will show must be a proposal. You are pitching your idea to the city of Reno so that they will fund your building project.


    1. Open Powerpoint and use the engagement template on the student resources page. Save it to your team drive, as "Orientation."

    Find a space in Reno, using Google Earth/Maps that you want to use as your build site. Screen Cap it for your presentation, and use the Print Sc key and ctrl + v to paste it into your slides. 

    (your architecture must FIT in that SPACE)

    2. Then Watch thisVIDEOOOOOOO

    1. Here are some examples: Zen Coffee Shop (coffee shop ideas),  Entrance to a Sporting Arena (sports example,  Redesign a school’s common space for students to socialize.


    1. Using the skills you gain from the videos, create a space in SketchUp. The space must have good interior architectural design (functional walls and spaces that are interesting and usable), interior design (furniture, color, decor and placement of objects in the space), and an aesthetically unique exterior build including a Landscape design for the surrounding outside space. 
    2. Your build must be a functional design that could be presented to an engineer for construction. You must consider materials that could be used to build it, and how gravity would effect the structure (IE the walls can't be used chewing gum... eew)

    1. What is the Bilbao Effect? How would your design use the Bilbao Effect in Reno? What would be 2 upsides and 2 downsides to this effect happening with your architecture? How would you suggest fixing, or dealing with the negative effects?



    1.Calculate the interior space and exterior space of your building. Create categories for the areas in your space, and communicate how much space is in each category.
    2. Fill out your building permit (print it and fill it out and submit it with your project)


    1. Create a short video (less than 5 minutes) that describes your project to your community, friends and neighbors, explains how it is important, and asks for their support.

    1. Tell us the strengths AND challenges your group faced through this engagement regarding the 4 C's(Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking).
    2. What have you learned about yourself or group?
    3. What specific advice would you give a group starting this engagement that you didn't know before YOU started?