*PARENTS* Remember to sign out your athlete if you are taking them HOME from the away games!!! Failure to do so will result in the athlete missing the next game. 


    Boys Basketball schedule – games begin at 2:45pm

    11/18 – bye week

    11/21 – 7th grade at home, 8th grade at Sky Ranch (B plays first/A plays second)

    11/25 – 7th grade at home, 8th grade at Depoali (B/A)

    12/2 – 7th grade at Swope, 8th grade at home (B/A)

    12/9 – 7th grade at Billinghurst, 8th grade at home (A/B)

    12/12 – 7th grade at home, 8th grade at Pine (A/B)

    12/16 – 7th grade at Shaw, 8th grade at home (A/B)





  • Mendive MS

    Physical Education

    Attendance Policy and Digital Days

    Attendance Policy

    Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, any student absence including medical appointments, illness, family business, etc. will count towards chronic absenteeism unless make-up work is completed and returned to the teacher.

    Make-up Assignments

    The Mendive MS Athletic Department has provided 5 different options for students to “make-up” their absences whether they are absences that go towards chronic absenteeism or digital day absences.

    PE Department Attendance Policy - Chronic Absenteeism - Make-up work

    • PE Make-up (attachment link)


      *Students/parents/guardians, we also have a PE Make-up option available to complete at school during lunch. Inquire with Mrs. Verdi at school or jmverdi@washoeschools.net

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  • Mr. Barbey - rbarbey@washoeschools.net

    Mrs. Verdi - jmverdi@washoeschools.net