• Welcome to the Reno High Orchestra and Choir web presence. UPDATED MAY 13th, 2020.

    Choir students: If you were on the Zoom call, or saw my message about having to write a graduation song ourselves, well, we did! Here are the recording instructions. Learning tracks and lyrics are here

    Distance Learning started on April 1st, 2020, and has now been EXTENDED until the end of the school year. The first calendar for Distance Learning is here, the Phase 2 calendar is here, and the Phase 3 (and final) calendar is HERE. The new calendars follows the same alternating schedule, but are now (along with the Choir and Strings lists) WORD documents instead of PDFs, for easy editing and import.

    Students, HERE are the instructions for Virtual Choir, and HERE are the instructions for Virtual Orchestra. Tracks are on your respective pages.

    The original assignment list for Choir is here, the Phase 2 list is here, and the Phase 3 list is here. Again, the new list is a Word document, so you can upload it into Google docs. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. All assignments are done ON THE CALENDAR DAY FOR CLASS, and need to be typed into a document OR handwritten in a journal to be photographed and emailed to me. Although it is not listed, you should also be practicing your songs on Noteflight. If you have problems pasting links and such into the PHASE 1 PDF, here is a Word doc version. You can open it in Google Docs if necessary. You still only need to send in Phase 2 or Phase 3 work once a week (again, READ IT CAREFULLY).

    The original assignment list for Orchestra is here, Phase 2 is here, and Phase 3 is here. If you are planning to concentrate mostly on practice time, download this Excel practice log here. It is easier to enter into than the PDF list. You still only need to record your practice / do assignments ON THE CLASS CALENDAR DAY. For the assignment choices, you will need to either print it out & fill it out, or write the essays in a journal / type them into a new document. To submit your homework log, see the next paragraph.

    To submit homework logs, you can email me the PDFs from the packet, the Word or Excel docs I posted above, or take pictures of the forms and email them to me / attach them in Remind or Teams. Do NOT use the online tool listed in the packet to submit daily reports - I made my own Microsoft Form if you preferred that, and have sent out the address for that on both Teams and Remind. If you do not have copies of your music, email me at dgaunt@washoeschools.net and I will email your music to you.

    I am planning for every contingency, including the possibility that all concerts will be cancelled and we will do VIRTUAL concerts. For an example of what that means, click here. This was the first large scale virtual choir - and we can do it with orchestra, too.

    If you have any questions (and I'm sure you will), you can email me any time. My "office hours" are 1-3 PM, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you email me then, I will reply immediately - other than that, it may take a few hours. Let's try to keep weekends a safe zone. The main point of all this is to stay safe, but stay active. If you are running out of ideas, I can suggest things. I am looking into several teleconferencing systems so that we can interact face to face, and ways for you to email me examples of your parts - virtual concerts DO require that you know your music. I'm hoping we come through this safely, with some cool videos to show for it.Stay strong, Huskies!


    Field Trip Form 5307 

    Field Trip Forms 5308 & 5311