Completion makes eligible for: K’nex Pulleys
    Prerequisites: None

    ​1. Investigate levers and their real-world applications.
    2. Experiment with several different uses for levers. 
    3. Create a PowerPoint to document work

    INTRODUCTION: Using PowerPoint, create a title and introduction slide. These slides must have the authors first and last name. The objectives must be REWRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS. The presentation must be aesthetically pleasing and grammatically correct.

    1. Check out a K’Nex Levers Kit
    2. In your kit there is a single page titled “Getting Started with Levers”. Read both the front and back side of this page. (it will be useful in the research part too…hint hint)
    3. In your kit there is a single page titled “Build a door”
    4. Use the K'nex directions to build the door. (take pictures along the way to show progress in building)
    5. After you built the door, use the remaining pieces to customize your door. Why did you add those elements? What was gained by your customization?
    6. Label  the fulcrum, resistance, and effort on the door

    1. What is a lever?
    2. Research the terms as they relate to this engagement: effort, resistance, fulcrum, work, load, and force.  
    3. Provide a sketch in your Field Notebook explaining each of the terms.
    4. Provide a real world example for each term of how they are used in everyday life.

    1.  How do levers help you?
    2.  Give an example and provide a picture  of a 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class lever.
    3.  Describe how each of these levers help us in different activities.

    1.  Use the K'nex directions to build the balance. 
    2. Take pictures to document your process.
    3. Label the fulcrum, resistance, and effort on the balance.  
    4. Determine the lever class of balance.  Show how it can work as a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class lever.

    1. Choose one of the four C’s and tell us your strengths and challenges your group faced through this engagement  (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, OR Critical Thinking).
    2. What have you learned about yourself or group using the C chosen?
    3. What advice would you give a group starting this engagement?