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     Physical Education Program


    Welcome to the Sparks Middle School Physical Education Program.

    Our goal during our time together is to create a safe environment for you to learn about yourself, your body, how to stay active, eat healthy, and most of all, have fun! Expectations will be high in order to ensure that you and your peers get the most out of your experience during your P.E. time. Below you will find a link to our expectations for Sparks Middle School Physical Education Program.

             Infinite Campus grades are up and running. If you miss class or have not been dressing out, you need to turn in a make-up slip or an arranged assignment. Remember you only get to make-up four (4) times of not dressing out for Physical Education per quarter (9-10 weeks). You need to turn in a make-up slip with your first and last name on it. Make sure that your guardian/parent/coach has signed it!

             Be successful…dress out…beat the heat…and get in shape…..


    Expectations Click on Pencil to view Expectation Sheet


    Mr. Williams' P.E. Tentitive Activity Schedule

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