Successful completion makes eligible for: All other engagements

    ​1.  Take, edit, enhance, and manipulate photos and drawings with Adobe Photoshop.
    2. Create 3-6 unique original pieces of work that share a theme.
    3. Research Kahinde Wiley, Shepard Fairey, Paolo Rivera and Jessica Hess
    4. Document the photo editing process using PowerPoint.

    INTRODUCTION:  Using PowerPoint, create a title and introduction slide. These slides must have the authors first and last name. The objectives must be REWRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS. The presentation must be aesthetically pleasing and grammatically correct.

    1.  Take at least 50 photographs with a camera. Faces, places and objects that have meaning to you, expressions, postures, light.
    2. Create 3-6 pieces of work from your own photographs that communicate a theme
    3. Decide on an idea that you want to communicate to the world, that you feel is important.
    4. If these photos were on display on Main Street, what message, thoughts, feeling would you want the viewers to experience?

    1.  Who is Kahinde Wiley, Shepard Fairey, Paolo Rivera and Jessica Hess?
    2. Explain and discuss how each of these artists uses photography in their work.
    3. How do artists and designers use photographic reference in their works?

    1.  Read this Article
    2. And now read this article
    3. Did you use these rules when taking your first 50 pictures? How could Photoshop take your current photographs and make them fit into the rules?
    4. How can breaking these rules make a photograph more interesting.

    1. Title each photograph.
    2. Read this article.
    3. Create an artist’s statement for your work, as if it was being displayed in a gallery or museum. Describe why you made your pieces, how they share a theme, what works of other artists inspired you, and how.  Cite any of the artists and works that inspired you.

    1. Choose one of the four C’s and tell us the strengths AND challenges your group faced through this engagement  (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, OR Critical Thinking).
    2. What have you learned about yourself or group using the C chosen?
    3. What advice, specific to THIS engagement would you give a group starting this engagement