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Monthly Class Update

  • September included both hard work and lots of fun in N-7 as students have begun to answer the year-long essential question of 'How Does Resilience Influence Success?' and students successfully completed the first quarter sub-question "How are Relationships Connected to Resilience?"  as they completed the Civil War Novel study.  As we start the second quarter, students will move onto the second subquestion: Why Does Adaptation Play a Role in Resilience" in both ELA and GT Challenges.  

    GT Challenges:

    To kick off the second quarter, students will begin work on a personal quest to learn what it takes to develop and build a career, along with the persistence and resilience inherent in doing so.  Some highlights of the activities students will be working on in October include interviewing the adults in their lives about their careers, so don't be surprised if your child suddenly starts to take an interest in your career--including positions you've held along with the education and training you've had to earn your positions.  Be sure to share with them how various professional relationships have sustained you along with how you had to adapt to a changing environment throughout your career. Students will also continue to write in their writer's notebooks daily as they develop habits that every writer uses.  Don't forget to ask your child to share their writings with you...they are being so creative! 

    English/Language Arts:

    Students will begin to read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle as the second quarter begins.  This is a significant book that changed our society in the early 1900's and yet, its themes remain relevant to today's society.  Students will discover how the various characters and, even American Society, adapted to a changing environment and expectations for survival.  Every year, student conversations feel more like current event discussions than book discussions!  I invite parents to read this book along with their child; if you need a copy of the book, please email me and I'll send a copy of the book home with your child.  Meanwhile, students will continue to pursue their own independent reading.  Each quarter students self-select and read a novel of choice, a genre novel (this quarter is Social Criticism novels--either fiction or non-fiction) and a piece of writing that has a message of resilience.  Students are also continuing our yearlong study of literary devices.  Lit Device Trivia is scheduled for the last week of the quarter.

     Please contact me any time you have any questions or concerns you might have regarding our class activities.

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