Engagement Objectives:
    Students will be able to:

    1. Describe the evolution of powered flight from the Wright Brothers to the present.

    2. Understand the basic requirements necessary to earn a private pilot's license.

    3. Fly a simulated aircraft in basic flight configurations (straight and level, coordinated turns, constant speed climbs / descents).

    4. Keep a pseudo-pilot log of their activities.

    • Plan: Develop an aesthetic title slide and introduction slide to your PowerPoint. For your introduction slide, be sure to include a thorough summary of all of your engagement objectives in your own words.
    • Explore:  Use THIS tutorial to familiarize yourself with the Flight Simulator.
    • Research: the history of powered flight and develop a timeline from the Wright Brothers to today.
    • Elaborate: 1st- Explain how the shape of an airplane wing results in lift. this site for recommendations.          2nd-Create a list of the requirements one needs to complete to earn a Private Pilot's License.  Search for this information on-line (hint: Search for 'how to get a private pilot's liscense).
    • Extend Yourself: Complete The Do It Section from this Level One Learning Launcher. Make sure to include screen captures of your Flight Analysis for each of the seven lessons.
    • 4c's: Explain your strengths and weaknesses within the 4c's--communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.
    • Conclusion- Give a summary of what you learned in this engagement & provide advice for a person interested in doing this engagement.