K’Nex Gears
    Completion makes eligible for: K’nex Pulleys
    Prerequisites: None

    ​1. Investigate gears and their real-world applications.
    2. Build models of several gears
    3. Create a PowerPoint to document work

    INTRODUCTION: Using PowerPoint, create a title and introduction slide. These slides must have the authors first and last name. The objectives must be REWRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS. The presentation must be aesthetically pleasing and grammatically correct.

    1. Check out a K’Nex Gears Kit
    2.  Build a crank fan, an egg beater, OR a car window. You can find these builds by googling K'nex instructions 
    3. Observe what happens when you spin one gear around once (1 revolution) How many revolutions occur in the other gear? 
    4. Take pictures of what you build to document your work. 
    5. Describe how your gear combinations might be useful in other machines.

    1. Research the formal definition of the terms: speed, torque, gear ratios, and differential
    2. Provide a picture explaining each of the terms
    3. Provide TWO real world examples for each term of how they are used in everyday life.

    1. How are gears used to manipulate speed and torque?
    2. What different combinations of gears are best for high speed?
    3. What different combinations of gears are good for high torque?

    1.  Build an axel differential with the instructions from the kit.
    2. Take photos of key steps on building it and a final picture of the finally product.
    3. Explain what each of the gears purpose is in the differential. Why are these gears helpful?
    4. Make sure to include the gear ratios of this model and mechanical advantage in your explanation.

    1. Choose one of the four C’s and tell us your strengths and challenges your group faced through this engagement  (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, OR Critical Thinking).
    2. What have you learned about yourself or group using the C chosen?
    3. What advice would you give a group starting this engagement?