Completion unlocks  PhotoShop Pro
    Prerequisites: Photoshop 2 (B or Better)

    ​1. Take, edit, enhance, and manipulate photos with Adobe Photoshop.
    2. Use online tutorials to develop photo editing skills. 
    3. Synthesize skills learned throughout the engagement as they develop their own photography.
    4. Document the process. 

    CREATE a presentation that shows what you worked on and how you developed. (Use screen captures to show the tools and the process and insert .jpegs of your finished products)

    1. Watch this tutorial to create a photo with the pixilation effect.
    2. Create photo 1 using pixilation effect
    3. Next use this tutorial to create a glitch effect for pictures.
    4.  Create photo 2 using glitch effect.
    5. Watch this tutorial about fantasy effect sail.
    6. Create photo 3using a fantasy effect sail.
    7. Watch this tutorial about double exposure
    8. Create photo 4 using a double exposure.
    9. Watch this tutorial
    10. Create photos 5 a magic forest picture

     Research: What is Plagiarism?
    1. Watch these three videos:

    1. Using one slide, explain plagiarism to a student as if it is a poster we would hang up in the STEAM Lab.

    Elaborate/Critical Thinking: 
    1. How could a student in a high art class use Photoshop successfully WITHOUT PLAGIARIZING?

    1. Watch this tutorial
    2. Create Photos 6
    3. You will create a photo that uses text to create a powerful message.
    4. Make sure you get your idea approved by the course administrator. 

    1. Tell us the strengths AND challenges your group faced through this engagement in Creativity, and Critical Thinking.
    3. What have you learned throughout the process of this engagement?  What helpful advice would you give people who are doing this engagement? Please make sure that your response is SPECIFIC to THIS engagement.:)