Welcome to Depoali Orchestra & Yearbook 2021-22


  • Orchestra non-COVID-19 absence: Students who are absent or missing class will complete the form below called "Orchestra Make-up Work." You can either print the form, or pick up a printed version from the classroom. Complete the instructions as indicated on the form and return the completed form to Ms. Karl. Only one form total is needed -- not one form per day. Please be sure to read the section at the bottom of this page called "Tips for Practicing." Any student missing class should click on their class page to determine what is being worked on in class so that they can practice the same at home. If your instrument is not at home, please play "air" instrument. Yep, just like "air guitar," pretend you are holding your instrument and practice that way.

    Orchestra Make-up Work

    Yearbook non-COVID-19 absence: Students will need to contact their section editor for missed assignments.

    ALL absences due to COVID-19: Students who have been EXCLUDED DUE TO COVID-19 protocol, as indicated by the school administration, will complete the same form above. However, students who are excluded should complete the form requirements during their exclusion and submit it upon their return to school. In addition, excluded students must also complete the "Exclusion attendance form" every day of their exclusion to be counted as present.

    EXCLUDED ATTENDANCE FORM for Orchestra & Yearbook (for excluded students only; complete by 1:15pm)