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    Distance Learning


    dasdsa Please watch the following video for a guide on how to use Microsoft Teams 


    Go to our Using Microsoft Teams page for more assistance


    • Our team office hours when teachers are guaranteed to be online are listed below. You can always leave a Google Voice message, email, or post a question and a teacher will get back to you asap.

      • 8:00 am-9:00 am        La Rue

      • 9:00 am-10:00 am      Reynolds.     Google Voice # 775-273-8138 

      • 11:00 am-12:00 pm    Lee               Google Voice # 775-453-6861

      • 1:00 pm-2:00 pm        Oxborrow    Google Voice # 775-476-6358


    At Home Supports


    Energy Assistance Numbers Mobile Crisis Response Team

    Local Food Pantries

    WCSD Food Locations

    NEED INTERNET?  Call Spectrum at 1-844-488-8398.  They are offering free Internet during school shutdowns

    Crisis Support Services: 1-800-273-8255. 

    Nevada 211-dial 211 for resources

     Mobile Crisis Response Team 775-688-1670

     CPS (child protective services) Crisis call center  775-785-8600



    Additional Online Resources


    Online Accomodations for Sped & ELL (or anyone who needs text supports)

    Accommodation Supports


    Bored without a book?  Read all of the Harry Potter books for free



    ELA and History:

    Common Lit:


    Class Code Z5KPEZ

    Directions:  Log in using the class code.  Click Log in and click new user.  Then enter the class code. There are preselected assignments, but you can also go to to library and select 7th/8th grade. Click on those of interest and answer the follow-up questions.  Don't forget to write down your login information to use at a later time. 




    Scholastic Learn at Home: 


    Directions:  Read the articles in sequence.  They include a lot of informational text, so don’t forget to slow down and analyze them.



    Actively Learn: 


    Class Code:ks6ri

    Directions:  Enter your information.  Then enter the class code.  The main page will include assignments selected for ELA, but you can also explore other text on this page.  Make sure to read the focus question before you begin each reading selection.  Don't forget to write down your login information to use at a later time. 


    ELA Grammar:

    No Red Ink


    Class Code: different grape 57

    Directions:  Click on "sign up as a student" and use the class code. Select your preferred topics.  Once you log in, there will be assignments preselected for you.  You don't have to go in order with the lessons.  Don't forget to write down your login information to use at a later time. 


    ELA, History, and Science:

    News ELA


    Class Code:  YSGTSK

    Directions:  Click “I’m a student” and enter the class code.  When you login “Your Assignments” will have teacher selected resources for ELA; however, you can also explore other topics of interest for History or Science.  Don't forget to write down your login information to use at a later time. 



    ELA, Math, Science, and History: 

    PBS Learning Media (interactive videos)


    Directions: Sort by “Discipline” (subject) to find materials for each core class.   

    Watch Videos and click on “Support materials” if possible.  Answer the discussion questions.




    Go Math


    Directions:  Log in as you normally would when at school.  Complete the selected assignments



    Scholastic Math Workshop


    Directions:  Click on “create my id”. Don’t forget to write down your log in information to use at a later time. Click on the workshop of interest and work through the lesson.






    Login: washoeschools

    Password: washoeschools

    Directions:  Click on the topic you are interested in and select articles to read. Once you have read the article, on the left side, click “Investigate activities” to extend your learning with an inquiry question.



    History and Science:

    Discover Kids


    Directions:  Click on the subject you are interested in.  Click on the map.  Keep clicking to narrow down subjects, or click on the yellow rectangles to read information on a given subject.






    Directions:  Read the articles.  Don’t forget to pay attention to the highlighted key words.

    Extend your learning with the “Try it Out” activities


    Science and ELA:

    Imagineering with Khan Academy and Walt Disney


    Work through tutorials on how to imagine your own fantastic world