• The Pine Garden was established in 2010 and is an educational garden whose mission is to teach students about gardening and food production. Since 2017, Mrs. Marshall has worked to connect the garden to the community at large. We have partnerships with Server Technologies, Urban Roots, RootEd, and now AACT. AACT will be helping us utilize the garden to its full potential. Fruits and vegetables grown in the garden will be used to help the community. We are a work in progress and the Patriot Garden Club will help coordinate projects with AACT and other community organizations. 

     In addition to growing vegetables and herbs, we also grow plants that help bird and pollinator populations. We have many projects planned for the coming year and beyond. If you'd like to help, contact Mrs. Marshall at and/or check out our Amazon Wishlist!

  • We Will Have a Greehouse!

    Posted by Kathleen Marshall on 9/26/2019

    We are excited to announce that after two years of red tape cutting, we will finally get our greenhouse installed! On Friday, September 27th, RootEd, the educational arm of Modular Greenhouses, will be out to install our greenhouse with the help of our students. We are planning a Red Tape Cutting ceremony soon, so stay tuned. Details and pictures will be posted here. Below is a picture of a similar greenhouse from Modular Greenhouses on Mrs. Marshall's property, full of her husband's carnivorous plants. 



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  • Server Technologies Garden Work Day!

    Posted by Kathleen Marshall on 5/7/2018

    A huge belated thank you to Amber Boster and her crew from Server Technologies and Legrand. They wanted to get involved again with the Pine Garden since they helped build it in 2010. We decided some fruit trees would be a great project for us to do together, with planting rings that could double as seating. It was a great day and the project came together wonderfully! I am always overwhelmed with gratitude at the enthusiasm and support people bring to the garden projects. 

    garden work  Legrand

    ring garden day

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  • Things are Sprouting!

    Posted by Kathleen Marshall on 2/13/2018



    We have sprouts! The Garden Club set up the indoor mini-greenhouses and planted seeds. They're mostly greens, but they're growing nicely. Who wants some salad? 


    Server Technology has confirmed that they will be going ahead with the Pine Orchand Project! Our plan is to create planting rings high enough to sit on and plant some fruit trees in them. 


    We've scheduled another work day in the garden on February 24th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. We have beds to fill with soil, and dripper systems to install. You don't have to be a Garden Club member to show up to work and earn a free dress bracelet. Hope to see you there!

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  • Garden News!

    Posted by Kathleen Marshall on 1/18/2018

    Winter may be a slow time in the garden, but we've got some exciting stuff happening. 

    New Soil

    In December, we had soil and compost delivered from Full Circle Compost in Minden. We had a work day on the same day as the FLL meet, but had to get the soil into the beds as soon as we could. We had a few wonderful hard-working folks show up and we finished quite a few beds. (Note: in the photo below, the young man with the cell phone was actually looking up something for us, not checking his social media!) 

    soil truck soil work

    soil workers

    Arboretum Partnership

    In January, our volunteer advisor, Claire Berry set up a meeting with  Bill Carlos, head horticulturist at the May Arboretum. He has a new exciting project in the works! The arboretum has a greenhouse and they will be growing vegetable plants for schools in Washoe County. We're excited to be one of the schools they'll be growing for! They have chosen varieties that do well in our climate and we will go pick them up when they are ready for planting. We'll still be starting some plants from seed and Claire is also starting some herbs and flowers for us. Way to grow!


    New/Old Garden Partner

    In February, we'll be meeting with Amber Boster from Server Technologies. They were instrumental in building the garden in the first place. They're excited to get involved in the garden again. In February, we're going to discuss a project they can get their hands dirty with, perhaps some fruit trees and seating options. Everyone is very excited all around! 

    So, there's a lot going on in the garden, even if the ground is still sleeping! Our first meeting of the year will be January 25th from 2-4PM. Come join us! 



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  • Thanks, Scouts!

    Posted by Kathleen Marshall on 11/13/2017

    scouts garden bed garden path A HUGE thank you to Brady Collins and Scout Troop 15, as well as some of his non-scout friends! They put in this lovely stone path, prepared one of the garden beds and did a ton of general clean up in the garden. The garden is definitely looking better! We have a laundry list of projects we'll be needing help within the months and years to come and are grateful for everyone who's volunteered to help. Some of our upcoming projects include:

    Build a greenhouse. 

    Repair seating/beds on the Smithridge side of the garden.

    Plant  3-4 fruit trees in the existing patio area, with retaining wall seating around them.

    Repair/upgrade compost bins.

    Repair/upgrade birdhouses.

    Add birdbaths/ feeders.

    Clean out the shed.

    Replace top of the overhang on the structure adjoining the shed. 


    Feel free to contact Mrs. Marshall ( if you or your group would like to take on any of these projects. 

    The Garden Advisory Group is deciding what we want to plant and how much. We have purchased a new irrigation system and are looking into soil additions. Our next big garden workday will be in February. Dates TBD and will be weather-dependent! 


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  • Living Library

    Posted by Kathleen Marshall on 10/26/2017

    This last weekend, I attended a conference at the Nevada Museum of art called Art + Environment. It was a wonderful two days and I was inspired in so many ways. The exhibit is definitely worth seeing. One of the artists I was able to see was Bonnie Ora Sherk. She is the director of an organization called Living Library. To get an idea of her mission, watch this video.  I am hoping to instill some of her ideas about community and space into our garden project. The Living Library website is also a wealth of information. The Garden Club is meeting today with Claire Berry and the farm manager from Urban Roots to decide on some priorities for the garden and things we can do over the winter to get started. 

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  • Welcome!

    Posted by Kathleen Marshall on 10/17/2017

    garden beds



    Before Fall break, Mr. Gifford asked me if I might want to take on the Garden Club, since Ms. Kaiser was not going to be the advisor anymore. My first thought was, "Are you insane?" but part of me thought it would be a wonderful way to learn more about gardening myself, and to help kids learn, too. My husband, of Red Dragon Carnivores, pledged to help out, and we have a wonderful new volunteer advisor, Claire Berry, from both Rail City and The Polygrarian Intsitute.

    We had out first meeting on October 12th and had a flurry of great ideas for the future of the garden. The Fall Clean-Up event on October 14th was a huge success. Upwards of 40 people showed up to help and we were able to get lots of overgrown garden beds taken back to the soil. Volunteers weeded and hauled for almost 3 hours. There were times when I was overwhelmed with emotion at the wonderful show of support and enthusiasm. I am hoping that the support will continue as we make plans for planting. 

    Our next meeting will be on October 26th. We'll be working with Claire to create a plan and a planting calendar. We'll prioritize projects and plan for fundraising. The garden is a beautiful space and together we will create a resource for our Pine students and the community. Contact me if you'd like to be a part of the fun!

    Mrs. Marshall



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