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  • Welcome to the Pilot Squadron team website! Students, please make sure you are checking the team assignment calendar frequently-- located below in Quicklinks!  This is how we communicate the week's agenda and homework.  As things change in class, we will also update the calendar.  This is why it's important to check it frequently. 



    Click link below for form:




    Helpful Tips:


    If I am absent, what do I do?  

    Step 1: Check the assignment calendar

    Step 2: Cross reference names of assignments with TEAMS and OneNote

    Step 3: Ask a classmate

    Step 4: Email teacher (following email guidelines) with specific questions. The guidelines can be found at the bottom of the e-slip.

    Step 5: Complete work and fill out an electronic absence slip.  This can be found above. 

    *If due dates have been communicated prior to your absence, the assignment is still due on the original due date**



     If I have an assignment that is late that needs to be turned in, what do I do?

    Step 1: Complete the assignment- incomplete work will not be accepted.

    Step 2: Fill out an electronic late slip.  The link for this is above.

    Step 3:  Email teacher (following email guidelines).  The guidelines can be found at the bottom of the e-slip.


    Links to important information:

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