• Depoali choir

    Welcome to Depoali Middle School Choir!

    For this unusual year, here are the 2020 most FAQs:

    1. Where do I find the choir handbook? Here: Choir Handbook 2020-21

    2. Where are the assignments posted? In the assignments tab on Teams.

    3. Why is my grade low? This information is posted in Infinite Campus. Check there to see which of your assignments is bringing your grade down. 

    4. How can I bring my grade up? Do the work. Or redo the work. Make sure to read the directions very carefully. If you are turning something in after the due date and after grades have been posted, you must send an email informing me to look out for it.

    5. I turned in the work. Why hasn't my grade changed yet? Grades are put into Infinite Campus manually. That means I must have a block of time during the week available to manually update the grades. Be patient. I typically enter grades only one day a week. If it has been beyond 5 days without an update, send me an email. 

    6. Why was I marked absent? You didn't click on and complete the "Music Journal" assignment for that day.

    7. What is your email address? darrell.crowther@washoeschools.net

    8. I clicked "Turned In" on Teams. Why is my assignment marked missing? Clicking "Turned In" only removes the assignment from your assignment queue, moves it to the completed section, and signals the teacher that your assignment is ready to be graded. It does not mean that you actually completed the work. Be certain to read all the directions, tasks, and steps listed in each Teams assignment. The "Turn In" button is available until an assignment's due date. After the due date passes, the "Turn In" button disappears for that assignment.

    9. Do I have to attend the online meetings? If you are a distance learning student, then yes. Meetings will be live-streamed on Teams on B days only. If you are a hybrid student, you do not have to attend the meetings. NOTE: ALL STUDENTS are distance learners when the district calls for it. In those cases (of which there have been many), all students will need to join the online meetings.

    10. What is the difference between a MISSING assignment, an INCOMPLETE assignment, or a '0' (zero)? Missing means that I have no record of you submitting any work. Incomplete means that your submitted something, but it was either incomplete or did not follow the directions thoroughly. A '0' (zero) means that the work was submitted, but it was done poorly. In all of these instances, a grade will be scored as 0 points. 

    11. What am I supposed to work on during my virtual day? As mentioned in the directions, you will complete the parts of the assignment that are highlighted in yellow. These will often include the graded assignments. 

    12. Why can't we sing? The WCSD, in consultation with the CDC and governor's office, has deemed singing (and band) a super-spreader event due to the high particulate matter involved in the activity. Therefore, we have been asked to suspend ensemble singing until given the indication to resume. This is, of course, very devestating. But our musical journey will simply take a detour with units on piano and ukulele. Further units of study will be determined at a later time, depending on the duration of this pandemic. 

    13. Why is my assignment marked "returned?" Assignments that have passed their due date or that the teacher has entered into the gradebook on IC are marked "returned." This does not mean that the student submitted anything worth grading. For instance, a student could simply send a blank screen, click "turn in," and the teacher upon entering a 0 in the gradebook would return the assignment on Teams.


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