• Level 2 means you are a couple months into STEAM. You eaither took it last semester or have been in the class for several weeks. AND THAT IS AWESOME!!!

    It means with tutorials and group help you can complete this project.

    You got this! It is resonable for a Level 2 project to take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the project.




    Mr G put your present date on I.C.

    To see it do these steps

    On the APP 
    1. Click The 3 bars Hamburger patty on the top left
    2. Click grades
    3. Click STEAM Overall Grade
    4. Open Engagement
    5. Click Engagement B
    6. Read Teacher Comment to see when you are presenting

    1. Click Grades
    2. Click Steam
    3. Read Engagment B Teacher comment to see when presenting