Successful completion makes eligible for: All other engagements

    ​1.  Program a robot to paint
    2. Create an inspiring message that can be displayed in your school community
    3. Create a multimedia presentation documenting your learning process
    4. Research the works of Victor Vasarely and Jackson Pollock

    INTRODUCTION:  Using PowerPoint, create a title and introduction slide. These slides must have the authors first and last name. The objectives must be REWRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS. The presentation must be aesthetically pleasing and grammatically correct.

    1.  Watch this video to see some of the ways that Sphero can be used to paint.
    2. Think of an inspiring message or symbol that could be shared at Depoali.  You are going to program your Sphero to paint this message or symbol on poster paper, so keep this in mind when designing.
    3.  In your field notebook create your basic concept.
    4. Create your concept with Sphero and paint on large paper. This should be programmed and not driven. Make sure to use a bin to contain the mess.
    5. Make a video of the program being run.

    1.  Who is Jackson Pollock? Who is Victor Vasarely? What work is most known? What inspired him?
    2. Describe his style and why he painted in that style.
    3. What piece of his art would you describe as your favorite and why? 
    4. What makes Victor Vasarely and Jackson Pollock’s work different?
    5. What is Abstract Expressionism?

    1.  Read this article
    2. Which rule do you think is the most useful when you create your own piece of art?
    3. Which rule do you think can be broken and why?

    1. Create a second painting with Sphero art piece
    2. It must have a message and meaning. It must also must show inspiration by Jackson Pollock or Victor Vasarely.

    1. Choose one of the four C’s and tell us the strengths AND challenges your group faced through this engagement  (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, OR Critical Thinking).
    2. What have you learned about yourself or group using the C chosen?
    3. What advice, specific to THIS engagement would you give a group starting this engagement