• Illustrator Pro
    Completion makes eligible for: ALL level 4 engagements
    Prerequisites: Illustrator

    ​1. . Create, draw, and design pictures with Adobe Illustrator.
    2. Use online tutorials to develop art skills. 
    3. Synthesize skills learned throughout the engagement as they develop unique pieces of art.
    4. Research the change in advertisements since the 1960’s
    5. Document the drawing and creation process using PowerPoint. 

    INTRODUCTION:  Using PowerPoint, create a title and introduction slide. These slides must have the authors first and last name. The objectives must be REWRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS. The presentation must be aesthetically pleasing and grammatically correct.

    1.  Do these lessons in order:

    1. Create a new logo for Depoali using the skills learned from these tutorials

    1.  How has graphic design changed from 1960’s to today?
    2. What were the most popular materials used in graphic design used in magazine advertisements from the 1960’s?
    3. Pick 3 magazine advertisements from the 1960’s.
    4. Pick 3 magazine advertisements from today.
    5. Compare and contrast these 6 advertisements.
    6. How has the change in materials from the 1960’s to today affected the advertisements?

    1.  Look at these advertisements:

    1. How has the ethics in advertisements changed since the 1960’s?
      2. Do you think these ethics are appropriate? Why or why not?
      3. How do you think ethics in advertisements will change in the future?

    1.  Choose one of the following to create:

    • Yearbook cover
    • Depoali e-Magazine
    • T-shirt design for a Depoali club or sport
    • The Logo of center court of the basketball gym

    1. Choose one of the four C’s and tell us the strengths AND challenges your group faced through this engagement  (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, OR Critical Thinking).
    2. What have you learned about yourself or group using the C chosen?
    3. What advice, specific to THIS engagement would you give a group starting this engagement