Drone Simulator
    Learn the qualifications needed to pilot a drone.  
    Understand the basic requirements to fly a drone.
    Fly a simulated drone and learn to navigate basic flight configurations accurately and efficiently while completing challenges.
    Research the history of drones and how they are used today.

    Create: a PowerPoint shows what you did and how you did it. Use screen captures to show the tools and the process and insert .jpegs and videos of your finished products.
    Plan: Develop an aesthetic title slide and introduction slide to your PowerPoint. For your introduction slide, be sure to include a thorough summary of all of your engagement objectives in your own words. 
    Enage: Get the drone simulator controls from your facilitator.  Learn what each control does on the Interlink Elite Controller.
    Take a Screenshot of the remote and use call –outs to describe what each button and lever does and how to use it. Once you have learned how to fly the drone make a video of you showing off your drone skills.
    Explore: Go to the tab located on the top bar named “challenges.” Once you do so, select the “Quadcopter Trails.” Complete the first 3-4 challenges. Then you will receive a notification saying you have unlocked the “Scavenger Hunt.” Just like the first challenge, you will want to navigate to the challenges tab, but this time you will select the “Scavenger Hunt,” and then complete at least 5 of these challenges while documenting your work with screen captures and callouts.
    Research: What is the definition of a drone?
    What is the purpose of drones and how do they enhance daily tasks?
    List three drones and what they are used for in the real world?
    What are other drone simulator software programs?
    When were military drones first used?
    Critical Thinking: 
    Think of 3 ways that drones might be used in the near future. How could companies use drones to enhance their product?
    What could be the positive and negative sides to drones in the future?
    Extend: Go back into the drone simulator and do challenges 1-10. Document each challenge by taking screen shots of each challenge and then use call-outs to explain what you did and if you passed or failed each challenge. For ONE of the challenges, use a camera and tripod to record yourself doing the challenge. Put the video in the powerpoint and use call-outs to document your process.
    4C’s: In four bullet points, explain your strengths and challenges within the 4 C's (21st Century Skills): Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking throughout the process of this engagement.
    Conclusion: How did this engagement challenge you? What technical skills did you learn that you can use in every day life? What advice would you give to someone else doing this engagement?