Handle With Care
  • What is Handle with Care?

    • Part of Drug Endangered Children initiative mandated under Senate Bill 80.
    • Handle with Care requires law enforcement to alert school personnel when a child is exposed to a traumatic event during a first responder call.
    • The intention is to notify schools when a student has experienced trauma in case extra support is needed.
    • School personnel are simply asked to keep a caring eye on the student.
    • The ONLY information give is student’s name/date of birth/attending school. No details about the event is given to school personnel.
    • Information is sent to teachers with trauma sensitive language/information, as well as, suggestions on how to possibly help the student in the classroom.
    • Schools are so grateful when they are able to know that one of their students has had a traumatic 24 hours. The school personnel are alert and aware in case the student needs anything. It’s a valuable tool to help support students in crisis.


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