• Variance Forms for Inter District: 

    Inter-WCSD Variance Form

    Inter-WCSD Variance Form - Spanish

    How To Submit An Inter WCSD Variance Form


    1. Click on the link to download the variance application. 
    2. Fill out the variance application. (1 application per student)
    3. Take it to the school you are applying to.

    Applications for the upcoming year are due to the receiving school on June 15th.

    The following is a list of schools that have capacity to accept new and continuing variances for the 2023-24 school year. New and continuing variances will be accepted at these schools as long as all teaching positions are fully staffed and program sizes allow for additional students.
    Because not all schools have specialized programs (i.e., GATE, Dual Immersion, Special Education), families seeking a variance for a specialized program must get approval from the Associate Chief of Specialized Instruction to determine school location options based on program availability and staffing.
    Elementary Schools
    Allen ES
    Anderson ES
    Beasley ES
    Beck ES
    Bennett ES
    Booth ES
    Cannan ES
    Caughlin Ranch ES
    Corbett ES
    Desert Heights ES
    Diedrichsen ES
    Dodson ES
    Donner Springs ES
    Double Diamond ES
    Drake ES
    Duncan ES
    Dunn ES
    Elmcrest ES
    Gomes ES
    Gomm ES
    Greenbrae ES
    Hall ES
    Hidden Valley ES
    Huffaker ES
    Hunsberger ES
    Hunter Lake ES
    Incline ES
    Inskeep ES
    Juniper ES
    Lemelson ES
    Lincoln Park ES
    Loder ES
    Mathews ES
    Maxwell ES
    Melton ES
    Mitchell ES
    Moss ES
    Natchez ES
    Palmer ES
    Peavine ES
    Pleasant Valley ES
    Risley ES
    Sepulveda ES
    Silver Lake ES
    Smith, Alice ES
    Smith, Kate ES
    Smithridge ES
    Spanish Springs ES
    Sun Valley ES
    Taylor ES
    Towles ES
    Van Gorder ES
    Verdi ES
    Veterans ES
    Warner ES
    Westergard ES
    Whitehead ES
    Winnemucca ES

    Middle Schools
    Billinghurst MS
    Clayton MS
    Cold Springs MS
    Depoali MS
    Desert Skies MS
    Dilworth MS
    Herz MS
    Incline MS
    Mendive MS
    O'Brien MS
    Pine MS
    Shaw MS
    Sparks MS
    Swope MS
    Traner MS
    Vaughn MS

    High Schools
    Damonte Ranch HS
    Galena HS
    Incline HS
    Reed HS
    Reno HS
    Sparks HS
    Wooster HS

    For any questions regarding Inter-District Variances, please contact Mariana Mandujano (775) 789-4657.

    Variance FAQ's

    Variance FAQ's Spanish - Preguntas frecuentes de permisos especiales