• SEL Resources for High School:

    School Connect

    Choose Love – Check out Scarlett Lewis’ Choose Love Movement and learn about compassion, forgiveness, courage, and gratitude.

    • Daily Dose of Love – Sign up for daily emails that provide inspirational quotes and journaling ideas.
    • Action Plan Calendars – Arranged by topic (gratitude, compassion, courage, forgiveness); apply the choose love formula daily with simple social emotional learning practices.
    • Podcasts – Listen to Scarlett Lewis delivers powerful conversations on why courage, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, and mindfulness are important life skills.
    • Webinars – Engage in informational videos about the Choose Love Formula.
    • Calming Moments/Strategies – Practice developing your skills in becoming more mindful; or take a break to breathe throughout your day.

    Greater Good (UC Berkeley) - Quizzes, videos, podcasts and tips for well-being for all ages

    New York Academy of Medicine- Coloring is a great way to give your brain a break, allow it to reset and relieve stress when adverse situations arise. Free, printable coloring books for all ages to minimize stress from universities across the country.  

    NBC Parent Toolkit– Explore lessons, videos and activities for the emotional wellbeing of kids from all ages (pre-k to after high school).

    • Academics - core curriculum reinforced through puzzles, videos, games and lessons.