What "counts" for professional development?

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    • Teaching a course at a regionally accredited college or university in a subject that the licensee holds a license or endorsement area while holding a masters or more advanced degree with a letter from supervisor or department head at the college attesting to the course being taught
    • Completing coursework at a regionally accredited college or university in any subject directly related to the profession of education or the area for which the licensee is endorsed with an official transcript
    • Completing professional development to retain an occupational license for licensees who have an occupational license that is directly related to their educator license or endorsement areas with a valid copy of current occupational license
    • Completion of National Board Certification or successor organization with a valid copy of certificate
    • Developing and delivering in-service training(s) within their field(s) of specialization with a dated letter from supervisor attesting that training was provided
    • Participating in professional learning communities, educational work groups or review boards with a letter or certificate from supervisor or provider showing date(s) and number of participating hours
    • Attending and completing In-service training provided by any person or entity including without limitation: a college, university, school or school district, regional training program, employee organization, educational conference, or approved online provider with a letter, certificate, or transcript from provider showing date(s) and number of instructional hours for activity