• Retiring or Resigning Soon?

    Please refer to the employee Pre-Separation Checklist below.

     You can download a PDF version of the Pre-Separation checklist here. 


    Resignation/Retirement Notification

    - Submit your separation letter indicating your final day of work to your Administrator and your HR Technician at least 3 weeks before your anticipated separation date.  The Human Resources Support Team listing can be found here.

    Continuing as a Licensed Guest Teacher (Substitute)?

    - Notify your HR Technician of your intention to continue as a Guest Teacher (Substitute) prior to your resignation date. 

    - Complete the Substitute Information form and return it to Substitute Services at SubOffice@washoeschools.net

    Questions on becoming a Guest Teacher (Substitute)?

    - Contact Substitute Services at 775-348-0233 or 775-348-0321 or Substitute Services Webpage

    PERS Retirement Notification (if applicable)

    - Contact NVPERS at 775-687-4200. 

    Q: How will my PERS benefit be affected when I draw Social Security?

    A: Your PERS benefit is not affected by Social Security. However, your Social Security benefit may be affected because you receive a PERS pension. The Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) are the two Federal Government regulations that may reduce your Social Security benefit. We suggest you contact the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or visit their website at http://www.ssa.gov to find out more information.

    Vacation/Sick Leave Payout (if applicable) 

    - The vacation payout (if applicable) is customarily paid as a supplemental (paper) check 2 days after your final paycheck if you are less than 55 years of age. If eligible for BENCOR, the monies are customarily transferred at the end of the month that you separate in.

    - If you are 55+ and your accrual payout is greater than $1,000.00 the money will be sent to a tax advantageous account called BENCOR.

    - A sick leave payout (must be employed for 10 continuous years to be eligible for a sick leave payout) will be dispersed in the month of July as a supplemental (paper) check if you are less than 55 years of age. If eligible for BENCOR, the monies will be transferred to BENCOR at the end of July.

    - 100% participation in BENCOR is required for those who are 55 years and older (per IRS regulation). You may contact BENCOR Customer Service directly at 1-888-258-3422. 

    -Additional information related to Bencor can be obtained utilizing the following links:

    Payroll Webpage 

    Bencor Employee Memo

    Bencor Plans

    Payroll (if applicable)

    - If you have “automatic” payroll deductions set up, then you will need to make arrangements to have those switched to other accounts. These deductions will not continue once your final paycheck is issued if alternative arrangements are not made. 

    Insurance Benefits (if applicable)

    - Resignation: Contact the Benefits Department at 775-348-0343 for any insurance benefit questions.

    - RetirementContact the Benefits Department  at 775-348-0343 to request a Retiree Insurance Premium Deduction Form at least 2 weeks prior to receiving your final paycheck.

    If you wish to continue your health insurance into retirement, you will be responsible for paying your monthly premiums, which will be deducted from your monthly PERS check. You must be receiving a PERS check to be considered a "retiree" and continue with District benefits. You have 60 days from the date of your retirement to elect benefits, otherwise you cannot continue with District's insurance and will not be eligible for COBRA. You can find more information in the Plan Document on the Risk Management website. If desired, your life and vision coverage can be continued separate from your health and dental, but there is no option to continue health coverage without dental or dental without health coverage.

    Benefits Webpage 

    Human Resources 

    Contact your Human Resources Technician via email or phone if you have other questions regarding the separation process. The Human Resources Support Team listing can be found here.