Welcome to the Fingerprinting Office

  • The fingerprint office is now accepting appointments for fingerprints and badges.  Please use the link at the bottom of this page to schedule your appointment.  Please use the quick links below if you have any questions about the WCSD Policies and procedures or the fees involved.


    The Fingerprint Office is located at 425 East Ninth Street in the main School District Administration building, room B-102 near Human Resources (Building B) 

     FIB Office

    Due to the extremely high volume of people needing to be printed, walk-ins will only be accepted on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons starting at 1:00 pm, and ending at 3:30 pm.  Walk-ins will be accepted providing they can be processed prior to closing at 4:00 p.m.


    Payments are Cash or Check Only


    The Fingerprint Office will close promptly at 12:00 p.m. for lunch breaks. 


    Who Needs Fingerprinting?


    • Volunteers who volunteer four times a month.
    • Volunteers who chaperone students without staff members present (even if it is only one day a year).
    • Volunteers who volunteer for overnight trips.
    • Volunteers who volunteer for out of state trips (even if it is only one day).
    • New Employees:
      • ESP
      • Substitutes
      • Certified
    • Coaches (non-paid/paid).
    • Independent Contractors (Determined by Contract).
    • ESP Employees who have been with the District for five years or more. 

    *Certified employees who have been with District for five years or more only need a new badge printed and a wants and warrants check.

    *You must have your volunteer applications complete and signed by school administration prior to being fingerprinting.

    *This office does not fingerprint for teaching licensure. 

    Fingerprints for Regular/Overnight Volunteer: $45

    Fingerprints for Volunteer Coaches $45

    Fingerprints for Coaches $55

    Please Click Here for the Most up to Date Volunteer Form


    Click this image for appointment scheduler


    Instructions for Scheduling an Appointment



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    Closed for Lunch 12-1pm