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  • The background office is now accepting appointments for background checks and badge printing. 

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    Volunteers/Non-Paid Coaches: 48.50 cash, check, or debit

    Employees, Substitute Teachers: 58.50 Payroll Deduction

    Ind. Contractors: 58.50 cash, check or debit.

    Until further notice Paid Coaches are required to pay up-front: 58.50 check or debit

    The Background Services Office is located at 425 East Ninth Street in the main School District Administration building, room B-102 near Human Resources (Building B) 

     FIB Office

    Who Needs Fingerprinting?

    • Volunteers who work with students or chaperone students without staff members present (even if it is only one day a year).
    • Volunteers who volunteer for overnight trips.
    • Volunteers who volunteer for out of state trips (even if it is only one day).
    • New Employees:
      • ESP
      • Substitutes
      • Certified
    • Coaches (non-paid/paid).
    • Independent Contractors (Determined by Contract).
    • ESP Employees who have been with the District for five years or more. 

    *Certified employees who have been with District for five years or more only need a new badge printed and a wants and warrants check.

    *You must have your volunteer applications completed and signed by school administration before being fingerprinting.

    *This office does not fingerprint for teaching licensure. 


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    Closed for Lunch 12-1pm