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Informational Resources for Families

Healthy Choices, Healthy Kids
A presentation on helping kids make healthy eating choices

Be a Healthy Role Model for Children
Ten tips adults may use to set good behavioral eating examples for children

MyPlate for Better Health
A resource on the benefits of healthy, balanced meals

Build a Healthy Meal
Ten tips for eating healthier, more balanced meals

Healthy and Fun
A collection of facts and tips for helping kids make healthy eating choices

Breakfast Fact Sheet
A resource on the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast

Produce for Better Health
A resource on the health benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables

Veggie Tips
Facts and helpful hints for incorporating more vegetables into a regular diet

Fruit & Veggies - Liven Up Your Meals
Fun and creative ideas to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables every day

Kid-Friendly Veggies & Fruits
Ten tips for helping to make eating fruit and veggies more fun for children

Fruits & Veggies - Smart Shopping
Tips for fitting fruit and vegetables into any grocery budget

Lighten Up
Facts and tips for making and eating meals with appropriate portion sizes

Calcium and Bone Health
A resource on the importance of dietary calcium

Focus on Fats
A resource on the difference between and importance of healthy and unhealthy fats

Good Fat, Bad Fat
Facts and tips for including healthy fats and limiting unhealthy fats in your family's diets

Salt Sense
Facts and tips for limiting salt in the diet

Salt & Sodium
Ten tips for limiting or decreasing salt intake