Smart Snacks & Exception Days

  • All schools within Washoe County School District are subject to strict nutrition regulations for any and all food that is served to students on school property by school administration outside Nutrition Services any time before, during, and up to half an hour after every school day.

    In WCSD, as outlined by the Board of Trustees, this includes both foods that are sold and foods that are given away.

    Originally incepted by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, these regulations are passed down by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA), the governing bodies and funding sources for our school nutrition and wellness programs.

    The nutrition guidelines, also referred to as Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards, are addressed more in-depth in the section below.

    A provision for allowance of up to two (2) exception days per calendar month has been outlined and adopted by the NDA. Every school within WCSD is required to report the exception days that their administration has identified for their entire school. (Schools may report exception days below.)

    Exception days apply only to foods that are given away to students free of charge, and not to foods that are sold for fundraising or other activities.

    All foods that are sold to students during the school day, including for fundraising ventures, must follow Smart Snacks guidelines, with no exceptions.

    Washoe County School District and the NDA do not endorse the term "free day" in place of exception day.

    Due to risks of food-borne illnesses and allergen cross-contamination, foods brought in from sources other than those recognized and regulated by the Washoe County Health District are discouraged.

Smart Snacks Resources

Report Exception Days Here

  • For school administrators only! By clicking the link below, you can input your school site's exception days for the 2021-2022 school year. For more information about what exception days are, how they apply to your site, and when they can be utilized, either click the link below, or contact Bristy Zimmerman at 775-325-8438.