School Gardens

  • garden greenhouse School gardens offer year-round opportunities to engage students in a variety of educational activities, endorse good nutrition, provide opportunities to be physically active, and work as a team. Garden involvement is not necessarily restricted to the main growing season--students can also learn how to prepare gardens in the fall for the following spring, compost and mulch during cool months, grow cold-weather crops, plan garden layouts, and begin ordering and planting seeds in late winter. The opportunities are truly endless!

    Urban Roots, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit and Nevada licensed school vendor, is dedicated to helping local Washoe County schools develop and maintain healthy and successful school gardens. They are well established, have received numerous awards for their operation, and represent a wide range of community involvement that has enabled their organization to thrive! Their urban farm is located at 1700 East 2nd Street near Kietzke. They are open to hosting field trips, demonstrations, and other community events throughout the year. This winter they will be installing a brand-new farm kitchen on their site! Teachers or coordinators may attend Urban Roots' Teacher Trainings, which provide additional Continuing Education Units.

    If you are interested in beginning a new school garden or receiving some additional outside assistance with an existing garden, please reach out to tap into this invaluable local resource!

    We will be adding content to this page for coordinators, teachers, and garden managers to use as it is acquired or is developed. Check back regularly for updates!