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Fruit & Vegetables


Produce for Better Health

A summary resource adults may use to brush-up on the health benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables


Teacher's Guide

Use this activity guide, outlined in script form, to orchestrate a 30-minute learning session regarding fruit and vegetables


Fruit & Veggies Poster

An information poster on eating enough fruit and vegetables


Mini Fact Cards

Print this document double-sided for a set of six business-card sized fact guides to a eating fruit and vegetables


Class Activity Flashcards

Use this set of digital (or may be printed) flash cards to reinforce healthy concepts covered in the Teacher's Guide



Community Resources



Veggie Tips

Facts and helpful hints for incorporating more vegetables into a regular diet


Kid-Friendly Veggies and Fruit

10 tips for helping kids to incorporate more fruit and veggies into their diets


Fruit & Veggies - Liven Up Your Meals

Fun and creative ideas to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables into every day


Fruit & Vegetables - Smart Shopping

Tips for fitting fruit and vegetables into any grocery budget