Student Attendance Review Boards

  • The Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) and Elementary Student Attendance Review Board (ESARB) are boards comprised of Washoe County School District employees and community partners that review student attendance in collaboration with the family and student. SARB is only applicable for students in grades 1 through 10 that are habitually truant or chronically absent (Missing 10% or more of the school year). The board partners with the student and family to create an action plan mitigating identified challenges to improve student attendance and engagement.

    SARB and ESARB Case Management

    As a result of SARB and ESARB meetings, the student is assigned to a specialized SARB Case Manager for a minimum of 45-days. The SARB or ESARB Case Manager's most crucial roles are:

    (1) to assist the student with meeting their educational goals,

    (2) monitor and track the student's attendance, and

    (3) to assist the student's family with linking them to appropriate resources in the community.

     SARB REFERRAL form can be found here:  referral

     SARB FLOWCHART document can be found here:  Flowchart

     The Student Attendance Advisory Committee (SAAC), created by state statute, is instructed to:

    • Review the records of attendance and truancy of students submitted to the advisory board and identify factors that contribute to the truancy of students in the school district.
    • Establish programs to reduce the rate of truancy of students in the school district and annually evaluate the effectiveness of those programs. 
    • Establish a procedure for schools and the school district to report the status of students as habitual truants and the status of citations issues by law enforcement agencies.
    • Inform parents and/or guardians of the students who are enrolled in the schools of the policies and procedures adopted.
    • Report on a quarterly basis to the Board of Trustees of the school district an accounting of money used by the advisory board to review school attendance to reduce the rate of truancy of students in the district.