Parenting Wisely Program

Parenting Wisely

Family Resource Center: Parenting Wisely

PARENTING WISELY is a small group workshop with a series of three classes (two hours each) that teaches parents of 6-11 and 12 to 18 year old children important skills for combating risk factors that may contribute to youth substance use and abuse. The Parenting Wisely program uses a risk-focused approach to reduce family conflict and child behavior problems including stealing, vandalism, defiance of authority, bullying, and poor hygiene. The Parenting Wisely program is free and available in both English and Spanish.  The classes are scheduled throughout the community and held at neighborhood schools. It is designed to:
  • Reduce family conflict.
  • Reduce children's aggressive and disruptive behaviors.
  • Improve parenting skills.
  • Enhance family communication.
  • Develop mutual support.
  • Increase parental supervision and appropriate discipline of their children.