Volunteer Opportunities

    Group of Volunteers

    Many volunteers usually would prefer to provide their assistance at a school that is near their home, school, or work. The WCSD Map can familiarize you with the schools located in our district. It is also important to try to decide if you have a preference for working with elementary, middle, high school, or a particular group of students. Please contact Volunteer Services if you are interested in any of the opportunities listed below. Call us at 775-348-0346, or email us.

    Short-term Opportunities

    Includes one-day and other short-term opportunities throughout the school district including building maintenance, campus beautification, and landscaping. Guest speakers are needed to share career information and expertise in the fields of math, science, engineering, and technology. Opportunities:
    • Various outdoor projects including building and grounds work, playground restoration, landscaping, gardening, campus beautification, and custodial work.
    • Spanish translation of materials and for parents. Spanish Speakers to help with parents and the opportunities at the Parent University.
    • Guest speakers to share Career Information and Expertise in the fields of Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology.
    • Volunteers to help/participate in Career Fairs, Science Fairs, Award Assemblies, and other school events.

    Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities
    Includes more long-term volunteer opportunities within our volunteer programs. Math Path Tutors, Read & Succeed, Kindergarten Helpers, "Safe Route to School" Volunteers, and many more. These positions include tutoring, mentoring, working as an office support staff member, and many others. Opportunities:

    How Tutoring Helps

    By WCSD Volunteers

    For the Learner

    • Creates a more favorable atmosphere for learning (particularly through the use of one-on-one instruction).
    • Provides more time on task, increased opportunities to read and immediate feedback.
    • Allows for immediate, positive and corrective feedback to help the learner stay on track and not repeat errors.
    • Can increase reading performance.
    • Can improve motivation and decrease frustration.
    • Enhances interpersonal skills as a bond is established with the tutor.
    • Allows for individual monitoring of progress to ensure that learning is taking place.

    For the Tutor

    • Establishes important skills such as patience, trustworthiness and responsibility.
    • Provides an opportunity for community service.
    • Enhances interpersonal skills.
    • Increases the tutor's own reading performance as a result of tutoring.

    Financial Contributions

    Would you like to make a significant contribution to facilitate learning in the Washoe County School District by suppoorting volunteers? Help with volunteer recognition and recruiting. 

    Business, Nonprofits and Community Organizations

    Businesses, service organizations, and faith-based groups have been providing support to our schools and students in many ways. Your support is needed and welcome.Thank you for caring & wanting to help a child!