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  • Ways to Support WCSD Volunteer Services

    Please take a look at our wish List below!  This List is of Materials/Supplies that are needed to support our Training Programs. Also, please view our wonderful sponsors/donors

    who assist us to do what we do for our students. Please give them your business. Thank you so much for your Support!




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    Donation Wish List

    Our programs are in need of training materials/supplies. Please take a look at our Donation Wish List below, and if you are able to donate please contact Ana or Lisa-Marie @ 775-348-0346 or by email to or
      Needed Training Materials & Supplies
     Printing Costs
       Small Post-Its: 2 pkgs.
       Red Pens: 4
       Legal size envelopes: 100
       Index Cards: 3 pkgs. of 100
       Laminated Plastic Bags
       Paper Clips: 1000
       Newspaper (Journals and skinny books)-500 sheets per pack
       Colored Copy Paper: 1 pkg.
       Decks of Playig Cards-gently used works
       Adding Machine Paper for Math Path rolls-10 rolls needed per Program
       Dice @ 2 for 1st Teacher Math and 4 dice for Math Paths
       Labels: 3 pkgs. (name badge/ packets & Avery#5163/ address) labels
       Wood Pencils with Eraser-72 per box
       Band aids (Freeport)
       Double pocket dividers (Admin)
       Tape refill rolls
       Thank You cards
       Stickers (rewards for students)
       Zip-Lock bags: 10x13 & 6x6
       Token-game pieces
       Pencils, pens, dry erase, highlighters (at Freeport/ Raley's donation)
       Construction Paper (packets)
       Folders (packets)
       Ink Cartridges: 61XL tri-color & black
       Computers: 5 years old or newer
       Marketing Materials
       Coffee & Coffee supplies (cups, napkins, creamer, etc.)
       Brita filters
       Snacks: chips/bars


      *ALL Booklets are needed for the printing cost only. If you have
       any questions please contact Ana or Lisa-Marie at the above
       contact information. We Thank You for your Support!