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     Employees and Vendors can sign up for Accounts Payable Direct Deposit.  Save a trip to the bank!  


    • Digital signatures are acceptable on ALL payment documents.
    • Items received by Noon (12:00 pm) on Thursday will be paid the Friday of the following week.  We make every attempt to process in this manner, but issues arise that can cause delays (lack of receiving in BusinessPLUS, missing documentation (W-9), etc.).  We appreciate your patience with the process.
    • All invoices should be sent directly to the Accounts Payable office by vendors.  If you are receiving any invoices at your site, forward them to Accounts Payable immediately.  Submit any other completed payment requests either by school mail or by e-mailing: ap@washoeschools.net. Do not submit the same payment request both ways; submit each document only once. 
    • Checks are sent via USPS. If you are picking your check up at the Administration Building, please call for staff availability and hours first.
      • Exceptions include: If necessary, a check pick-up time can be arranged by emailing: ap@washoeschools.net
      • Checks can be marked "District Mail To:" departments located within the WCSD network.
    • Reimbursements for necessary supplies are allowable during any stay-at-home order: Please see attached memo: Memo for Home Office Supplies





    Re: BusinessPLUS

    This is to advise of an issue and respectfully request your assistance

        ******   NO changes are to be made to a FULLY APPROVED Purchase Order   *******

    If you have questions – PLEASE reach out – the IT Help desk, the Business Process Trainer, the Purchasing Department are all here to assist while working through this issue. 

    Changes MUST NOT be made to a FULLY APPROVED Purchase Order. A FULLY APPROVED Purchase Order has a PO number assigned and is considered a type of contract with the vendor.

    Changes CAN be made to a purchase requisition while it’s going through the necessary approvals. 

    Changes to the PR (purchase requisition), depending on the changes, often re-route the PR back through the approval chain to re-approve the updated dollar amounts etc.

    Once the PR (purchase requisition) has completed all the necessary approvals and the Purchasing Department assigns a PO number – it MUST NOT be updated by the personnel that created the purchase requisition to begin with.

    If any changes are needed to be made to a FULLY APPROVED Purchase Order you MUST contact Purchasing.

    This has always been the known and accepted practice – no changes to a FULLY APPROVED Purchase Order other than by the Purchasing Department (and a few other exceptions).  BusinessPLUS previously stopped this from happening and the system stopped updates.

    Unfortunately, the BusinessPLUS system is no longer stopping this from happening.  We are working to address that aspect. 

    However, changes are being made to FULLY APPROVED Purchase Orders and the Purchasing Department is not being contacted – resulting in many issues.  The vendor is not made aware of the changes.  Funds are encumbered incorrectly, or not at all.  The items cannot be received on. The invoices cannot be paid because of the changes, etc.

    To reiterate – if you need changes made once there is a PURCHASE ORDER number assigned – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact Purchasing so the PO can be updated fully and correctly.

    Thank you very much!

    IT Help desk – can create a work order or call 775-789-3456

    Business Process Trainer 775-789-3438

    Purchasing Department 775-850-8025


    Major Functions

    Accounts Payable activities include timely and accurate payments to vendors, account management with all vendor accounts, control of encumbrance activity on purchase orders, verification of authorizations and WCSD NL account classifications for payments, administration of the purchasing card program (P Card), monitoring of purchasing card activity, and end-of-year Form 1099 reporting.  Other functions include supporting the Controller's Office as needed.
    WCSD Accounts Payable processes on average 23,000 transactions, totaling $117,000,000.00 in payments annually.  Our staff is dedicated to accuracy and positive customer service to both our internal and external customers.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have relating to invoices, purchase orders or PO receiving, P Card transactions, staff reimbursements or other AP related items.
    Office Hours:
    7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays)
    Phone:  (775) 348-0311                                                            
    Fax:  (775) 333-6188
    425 East Ninth Street                                                                  
    Reno, NV 89512  
    Room A-116                                                                      
    Mailing Address:
    Washoe County School District
    Attn:  Accounts Payable
    P.O. Box 30425
    Reno, NV 89520-3425


  • Martin Williams





    Mindy Caporin

    Assistant Controller




    Maria Ontiveros

    Accounts Payable Supervisor


    • AP Check Processing, Payroll Liabilities Check Processing
    • Vendor Relations, to Include Statement Management
    • ICA Assistance
    • Disencumber PO's  
    • Re-Open PO's  
    • Stop Payment Requests, Void Checks
    • 1099MISC Tax Reporting



    Susan Bream

    Account Clerk II

    VENDORS G-P (to include employee reimbursements)

    • Invoice Processing and Payments
    • Construction Payments
    • Vendor Relations and Account Management




    Sonya Jangula

    Account Clerk II

    VENDORS A-F (to include employee reimbursements)  

    • Invoice Processing and Payments
    • Lease Payments
    • Vendor Relations and Account Management




    Bonny Lent

    Account Clerk II

    • Scanning and Document Indexing
    • Posting Bank Deposits and P Card Batches
    • Legal Payments





    Account Clerk II

    VENDORS Q-Z (to include employee reimbursements)  

    • Invoice Processing and Payments
    • Vendor Relations and Account Management




    Jessica Valdovinos

    Account Technician

    P Card Administration
    PO Approvals
    Coding Non-Encumbered Items
    Bank Deposits



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