How can I opt out of directory information being given to the military?

Federal No Child Left Behind legislation provides that all branches of the military have access to the names, addresses, and telephone listings of high school students unless parents or students have advised the school that they do not want their information disclosed without prior written consent.

Opt out forms to deny the release of directory information to the military are available below and in each high school’s main office.  The written request to withhold student information is due to the high school the student is attending by October 1st.   If the student enrolls in the district after October 1st, the written request is due within two weeks of enrollment.  The request to withhold directory information will be in effect from the date it is received by the school; please be aware that prior to this date information may have been released.  It is only necessary for students or parents to complete the form once during the students’ high school career; the form does not need to be submitted annually.