• Student Records and Student Accounting office hours are from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday - Friday

    For immediate assistance, please call 775-861-4428


     In person, walk- ins, phone calls, email, or mail will no longer be accepted. All records must be ordered online Washoe County School District Student Records.  



Requesting Student Records/Transcript

  • Effective July 1, 2018 in an effort to provide better and more secure service to our students all student records requests, background verifications, corporate verifications, corporate information requests, transcript requests, must be made online using our automated student record / information request system. In person, walk- ins, phone calls, email, or mail will no longer be accepted. Washoe County School District Student Records.

    Request Student Records/Transcript

    Apostille: An Apostille is an authentication of a document from the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. The new Nevada Apostille is modeled on the trilingual model certificate published by the Hague Conference and will be processed according to the national Uniform Apostille Standards.  To make a request for an Apostille, please call (775) 861-4428. Your requested school records will then be notarized, made official and sealed to be presented to the Nevada Secretary of State’s office to complete the rest of the Apostille process. The fee is 25.00 cash or money order only. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Records Department at (775) 861-4428.

    Infinite Campus contains records such as behavior, transcript, special education, and enrollment history that are not viewable on the portal.  If you would like to see these or other records available in Infinite Campus, you can make an appointment with your child’s school to view the records for free.   You can also obtain a copy of those records using a records request.  A fee is associated with all copies of records.   All currently enrolled students receive 4 free records requests per year.

Student Records

  • Student Accounting maintains the archiving of educational records for former Washoe County School District students. Academic records are maintained in perpetuity and special education records are maintained until the student's 29th birth year.

Charter Schools Records Requests

  • All Washoe County School District Sponsored Charter Schools will be processing student records requests for their currently enrolled students. Please contact the Charter School directly to request any student records. This includes records request from parents/guardians, corporate or government agencies, colleges, attorneys and/or subpoenas.

Video and/or Audio

  • Starting 9/15/2021 copies of video and/or audio records will not be available. If you request video and/or audio records, the Student Records Department will contact you to set up an appointment to view or listen to the recordings. The exception would be for requestors who live 50 miles outside of Washoe County area. 

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