A new student-operated food truck in Washoe County School District

Intuit, Inc. is providing the Washoe County School District with a fully operational food truck, equipped with a commercial-grade kitchen, allowing Career & Technical Education students to develop technical, financial and entrepreneurial skills. Intuit's food truck program is a work-based learning experience, enabling high school students – particularly in underserved communities – to gain practical experience while learning and applying the financial and entrepreneurial skills necessary to run a business. Intuit will support grants and curriculum in addition to providing Intuit products for students to use in a real-world setting, helping them become better prepared for the future. The truck will be operated by students of Reed High School's Advanced Culinary class, and they call it "Global Street Foods". The vehicle's vinyl wrap design was created by the Graphic Design class at Spanish Springs High School, part of their C3 Media Signature Academy. This is a sustainably designed food truck equipped with a renewable energy battery system that can power the truck for up to 12 hours a day while significantly reducing carbon emissions.