What can I do to help?

Report all threats to School Police or school principal.  If after school hours, report threats to 911 or SafeVoice.  DO NOT REPOST POSSIBLE THREATS ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA.  School Police investigate all threats to schools and, often times, have already resolved the situation; however, every time a threat is reposted, School Police are required to investigate as if it is new.

Develop a family emergency plan.  Students need to know that the schools will do everything possible to protect them. Students should also have an idea of what may occur in the event they are evacuated from school, such as who may pick them up and what may happen.

Be patient.  The District takes safety and security extremely seriously and will not provide any information to parents or the community unless it is known to be factual.  The District has a responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation and will only act if necessary.  The District also has a responsibility to protect student privacy and will not release or confirm the names of students or any disciplinary action taken against a student.

Talk with your children, not only about possible emergency situations and what may occur, but about the emergency drills they will practice in the schools.  We know the drills may be upsetting to some students and we will do everything we can to ensure the students have a clear understanding.  If you see or hear anything concerning after a drill or an actual emergency, please inform the teacher or counselor so we can provide the student with the emotional tools needed to understand why the drill was conducted.  If you are unsure of how to speak with your children, the counselors can provide various age appropriate resources that will be of use to you.